Data Loggers

METEON Data Logger

METEON is a hand-held device for use with Kipp & Zonen passive radiometers to display real-time irradiation values and has an integrated data logging function to store up to 3500 samples. METEON will operate for up to 7 weeks on 2 x AA batteries.

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LOGBOX SD Data Logger

LOGBOX SD has reached its end of life and the last deliveries will take place in October, 2017. The replacement is the LOGBOX SE.

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LOGBOX SE Data Logger

LOGBOX SE is a weatherproof field data logger with GSM/GPRS communication. Designed for use with Kipp & Zonen solar radiation instruments in a wide range of environments, it can run for weeks on 6 x AA internal batteries. LOGBOX SE has flexible analogue and digital inputs with arithmetic logging functions and is compatible with the Modbus® output of our Smart radiometers.

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