Case Study: Improving Efficiency at Benban Solar Park

Case Study: Improving Efficiency at Benban Solar Park article picture
Published: Monday, December 27, 2021 The performance of a PV plant depends on multiple criteria, atmospheric and technical ones. Especially on huge plants as the Benban Solar Park, quick determination of failures as a root cause for output loss is key for efficient operation.

In this case study, Beijing Intell-Sun Technology Ltd. shows its approach to reduce performance losses at a large PV power plant in the Benban Solar Park in Egypt together with EPC experts. To quickly identify the cause for sinking performance and to mitigate losses, they installed environmental monitoring systems including Kipp & Zonen pyranometers, sun trackers, and soiling monitoring sensors.

Plant operators and engineers cannot change the weather, and they have little impact to control the back panel temperature. What they can do is to improve the operating efficiency of the whole PV station, that is, reducing the operating loss of the power station and cleaning the panel to improve the percentage of solar radiation reaching the PV panels.

Download this case study and read how you can optimize plant performance! 





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