OTT HydroMet Launches Firmware Update for its Kipp & Zonen DustIQ Soiling System

OTT HydroMet Launches Firmware Update for its Kipp & Zonen DustIQ Soiling Systemarticle picture
Published: Friday, March 25, 2022 The pioneering soiling monitoring system Kipp & Zonen DustIQ is now even better. From now on, OTT HydroMet provides all devices with a new firmware that simplifies both handling and calibration. Active users can update to the new firmware, too.

DustIQ is an optical sensor to measure the amount of dust, sand, and other shading objects on PV panels. It is used to determine the soiling ratio, optimize cleaning schedules, increase the profitability of PV installations – especially in arid and desert areas. With the new firmware update, among other advantages, the DustIQ adapts to surrounding conditions faster and enables an easier field calibration. Here is an overview:

  • Better response to soiling with increased sensitivity
  • Easier and faster field calibration procedure
  • Plain communication thanks to numerical error code display
  • New function to tare the DustIQ
  • Increased functionality to allow device reset, start tare and start of field calibration

You can find the manual including all information on how to install the new firmware and other documents related to the DustIQ Soiling Monitoring System on the Kipp & Zonen website. For the new firmware version, choose the respective documents with the ending Firmware20220322”.


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