Pyranometer in Solar Training System

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Published: Friday, January 1, 2010 The demand for specialists in the field of solar energy is growing rapidly. Dedicated education for engineers and technicians is a response to this requirement. Precicon D&C of Singapore has therefore developed a unique Solar Training System, that includes a CMP 3 pyranometer.

The Solar Training System has been developed for educational purpose in institutes of higher learning where green technology or alternative energy is taught. It enables the students to experiment and to understand the basic principles and concepts of solar energy generation. Also to gain in-depth understanding of power conversion and the characteristics of solar cells and panels by real-time training.

The Solar Training system is able to perform demonstrations and experiments at various measurement points to understand the solar power generating structure and its process from the solar panel to the final AC Voltage.

Originally, the solar training system did not provide the trainee with the component to understand the relationship between the intensity of the solar source and the power output. To solve this issue, the system was improved by installing a Kipp & Zonen CMP 3 pyranometer beside the solar panel and connected to a meter to display the radiation in W/m2. This greatly improved the trainee’s understanding of the importance of mounting the solar panel in the right place to achieve maximum efficiency. The CMP 3 was selected due to its compact size, good performance and economical price.

The CMP3 is housed in an IP65 sealed enclosure together with a display meter. With this installation, the trainee is now able to experiment with the simulated solar source to observe the radiation level that the solar panel is receiving and the effect on the voltage output. This improvement greatly enhances the training and completes the entire solar generation cycle from monitoring to conversion.

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Article by:
Mr Willy Chua
Precicon D&C Pte Ltd

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