CMP 11 Pyranometer on ‘Smartsol’ Solar Station

CMP 11 Pyranometer on ‘Smartsol’ Solar Stationarticle picture
Published: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 The new Smartsol weather station from the EMI division of EMI-SEPAME SA near Tours in France is dedicated to solar energy prospecting and monitoring solar energy power installations. Smartsol delivers accurate real-time information about solar radiation, wind, humidity, and other meteorological parameters in accordance with the IEC 61724 standard for photovoltaic system performance monitoring.

Smartsol is equipped with tilt and ‘door open’ sensors that transmit alerts in case of intrusion, is solar powered and completely autonomous. A surface temperature sensor is mounted on the back of the PV panel in order to monitor the panel’s temperature and to notify operators about power output issues due to temperature change. The Smartsol weather station contains a similar alert system that activates in the case of out-of-limits differences between the solar irradiance and the panel’s output. This system uses two ventilated Kipp & Zonen CMP 11 pyranometers.

 A tilted CMP 11 measures the ‘global tilted’ radiation, as received by the panels. A horizontal CMP 11 measures the global radiation as given by meteorological stations and available from historical data. The domes of the Pyranometers are less affected by dirt than the flat surfaces of the PV panels. Moreover, the CVF 3 ventilation units reduce errors caused by pollution, dew, rain and frost. As a result, the pyranometers give a high accuracy measurement of the available incoming solar radiation. Comparing this to the panel’s output can indicate the need for cleaning the panels, or faults with the panels or control system.

According to EMI, adding horizontal and tilted CMP 11 pyranometers with CVF 3 ventilation units was a top priority to enhance the weather station capabilities. As a result, Smartsol delivers the exact and reliable information needed to keep customers updated and responsive to the conditions around their PV power installations.

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