Turkey’s Growing Research in Solar Energy

Turkey’s Growing Research in Solar Energyarticle picture
Published: Thursday, September 19, 2013 Solar energy is becoming increasingly important in Turkey, along with other renewable sources such as hydro and wind power. There is no grid connected system yet, but an infrastructure is planned to be realised very soon.

Turkey is located in an advantageous geographical position for solar power. Therefore, the energy market regulatory authority has prepared targets for solar energy investment. The goal is for 600 MW of solar electricity production plant investment by the end of 2013. Once the 600 megawatt capacity facilities are completed and producing electricity, the government plans to authorise further investments according to a structured plan.

This Authority is also working on determining standards for solar measurements. Pro-actively, some investors have already started setting up measurement stations for research and site prospecting. One of the applications is shown in the picture. This basic solar monitoring station has been installed in Konya City, Central Anatolia by a consulting company for PV panel applications. This station includes two CMP 11 pyranometers to measure horizontal global radiation and tilted global radiation.

For the measurement of solar energy resources Elite AS have been installing solar energy measurement stations for investors and consulting companies in Turkey. The most commonly used instrument is the CMP 11 pyranometer, for the measurement of global radiation for fixed PV panel applications. When the measurement of direct solar radiation is needed, for CSP applications, we have installed complete solar monitoring stations with a SOLYS 2 sun tracker, CMP 11 pyranometer and CHP 1 pyrheliometer.

Elite AS has been working on measurements for meteorology and environment in Turkey for 25 years and has installed hundreds of measurement stations and systems at various sites across the country. Applications include; research, general meteorology, renewable energy and agriculture. Elite supplies and supports the best quality sensors and systems for such applications including, of course, Kipp & Zonen.

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