Setting Up a SOLYS 2 in Brasov, Romania

Setting Up a SOLYS 2 in Brasov, Romaniaarticle picture
Published: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 On 24th October 2012 experts from Echipot S.R.L., our distributor for Romania, together with researchers from the Transylvania University of Brasov, installed and set up a solar radiation measurement system supplied by Kipp & Zonen.

The solar station is based on a SOLYS 2 sun tracker and monitors global, diffuse and direct solar radiation in the short wavelength range, as well as atmospheric radiation in the far infrared. To optimise performance the pyranometers and the pyrgeometer are ventilated.

With this system, complex monitoring of solar radiation will be performed for the first time in Romania at world-class level, using the best instruments available.

The SOLYS 2 system operates within the Centre for Renewable Energy and Recycling Systems of Transylvania University Brasov. It will provide precise solar radiation data for research concerning development, simulation and comparison between solar energy conversion systems (photovoltaic and thermal) in real weather conditions.

Precise solar radiation data play an important role in designing solar arrays and farms; as well as in developing the software to control the orientation of the panels, which means programming the control system of the stepper motors. Solar radiation is the main input parameter both in designing systems that convert solar energy into thermal and electrical energy, and in building management systems.

The data recorded by the solar station can be used to precisely calculate the solar energy available at a given location for thermal and photovoltaic panels. The solar database obtained in this way becomes the best starting point for predicting the output of thermal and PV solar systems in the area of Brasov city.

The same data will be of great use in calculating the true price/performance ratio of solar energy conversion systems. We wish the Centre success in their research work performed with these high-end instruments!

The Echipot website is at and you can find out more about the Transylvania University of Brasov at

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