China's second PV Pioneer Project

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Published: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 China’s solar energy capacity continues to grow explosively. In 2017 about 54 GW was planned to be put in place. The forecast for 2018 is said to be 55 GW. One of the largest solar power plants is in Datong with a capacity of 1,000 MW so far and will grow to 3 GW in the next coming phases. Already, they have 13 Kipp & Zonen solar monitoring stations running in Datong, installed by Beijing Solarsky Technology, to maximize the efficiency of the energy yield of this PV Pioneer Project.

In 2017 a second PV Pioneer Project was deployed in Ruicheng and again monitored with Kipp & Zonen quality instruments. 

About Ruicheng

Ruicheng is a small city located in the south-west of Shanxi province with a population of 410,000. The Ruicheng PV pioneer project has two stages. The first stage is 500 MW, and the second could be 520 MW. The investment in this project reaches 4.2 billion Chinese Yuan, the site covers an area of 14 square kilometers and there are six PV plant companies participating in the first stage.

7 solar monitoring stations

Thanks to the success of the Datong project, Solarsky has installed 7 high performance solar monitoring stations at Ruicheng; one for each PV site and one for comparison. Each station is based on a SOLYS2 sun tracker to monitor GHI, DHI and DNI with two CMP10 pyranometers and a CHP1 pyrheliometer. An additional CMP11 pyranometer monitors tilted irradiance.

Due to the Ruicheng landscape it was inevitable to have many different tilt angles of the PV panels. Therefore SolarSky also installed a row of 14 CMP11 pyranometers at a variety of tilt angles at one of the sites.

You can read more about the installation by SolarSky on the Kipp & Zonen blog:

To see the video that was captured of this gigantic solar power plant please go to

In Newsletter 39 you can read the details about the Datong project. Newsletter 39 is available at the download center of

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