Fixed Feet For Tilted CMP/SMP6-22 Mounting

  • Simple POA pyranometer installation 
  • Replaces the adjustable feet with fixed ones
  • Maintains thermal isolation 
  • Fits all double-dome CMP and SMP pyranometers




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Fixed Feet For Tilted CMP/SMP6-22 Mounting

Pyranometers are fitted with three feet for levelling and minimizing the contact area; one foot is fixed and two are adjustable, to enable accurate levelling to measure global horizontal irradiance (GHI).

Pyranometers used in solar energy applications are often installed at an angle to measure tilted global irradiance. If the azimuth and zenith tilt angles are the same as the adjacent PV modules, the pyranometer is in the plane of array (POA).

However, installing a pyranometer at the correct tilt angles is not so easy with the adjustable feet fitted. IEC 61724-1 specifies that for Class A High Accuracy monitoring the alignment must be within 1° for tilt angle and 2° for azimuth angle.

To solve this problem a kit is available to replace the two adjustable feet with two fixed feet that are the same as the one fitted as standard. They are accurately machined so that the black detector will be parallel to a flat mounting surface within 0.2°. If you align the mounting plate using a digital inclinometer you can be confident that the irradiance measurement is in the same plane.

This kit is for CMP and SMP models 6, 10, 11, 21 and 22.

It does not fit the compact CMP3 and SMP3, which have smaller feet.





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