Two fixed feet for tilted CMP-SMP6-22 mounting

  • Simple POA installation 
  • Replaces adjustable feet 
  • Fits all CMP and SMP pyranometers models 6 till 22




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Two fixed feet for tilted CMP-SMP6-22 mounting

For easy install of Plane Of Array (POA) also known as tilted pyranometers this kit supplies two fixed feet to replace the adjustable screw feet.

A POA pyranometer doesn’t need perfect horizontal alignment as it is always installed at an angle that matches the PV module tilt angle.

To align the pyranometer exactly as the PV module one has to:

  • align the pyranometer on a known horizontal surface and without altering the alignment install the pyranometer on-site. By using the feet there is optimal thermal isolation too. Or
  • remove the feet and ideally install thermal isolation between the pyranometer and mounting surface.

Now with this kit consisting of two fixed feet one can create a pyranometer with 3 equally high feet that are precisely manufactured to guarantee installation within 0.2° and provide the same installation height as well as thermal isolation.




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