Albedometer Mounting Kit

  • IEC61724-1:2021 Horizontal Albedometer Kit
  • Suitable for Class A, B, and C Pyranometers
  • Suitable for Pyrgeometers and Total UV Radiometers
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Albedometer Mounting Kit

This albedometer kit is ideal to define the ratio of irradiance reflected to the irradiance received by a surface (albedo). This results in a scale from 0 (no reflection) to 1 (total reflection)

Two separate instruments can be used with the CMF1 mounting fixture (plate and rod) and Glare Screen Kit for the lower instrument providing an array of possible configurations. The CMF1 fixture can be used with the CMP6, SMP6, CMP10, SMP10, CMP21, CMP22 and SMP22 pyranometers, CGR4 and SGR4 pyrgeometers and CUV5 and SUV5 broadband UV radiometers.

The CMB1 mounting bracket can be used to fix the CMF1 fixture to a pole or wall.

If pyranometers are installed with a CVF4 ventilation unit, then the CMF4 mounting fixture can be used to assemble an albedometer consisting of two ventilated pyranometers. The standard Glare Screen Kit cannot be used with a CVF4 ventilation unit. A special glare screen is available for the lower ventilated pyranometer.

The high quality, cost-effectiveness, and robustness of the Albedometer Mounting Kit make it ideal for Solar PV, meteorology, hydrology and agricultural applications.



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