NR Lite2 Net Radiometer

  • Virtually maintenance free
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NR Lite2 Net Radiometer

NR Lite2 is designed for routine measurement of net radiation which is the balance between incoming and outgoing radiation under outdoor conditions.

The design of the NR Lite2 is unique. The double-sided detector has black conical absorbers with an anti-stick weather resistant protective coating. In contrast to other sensor designs, NR Lite2 requires no fragile plastic domes. This results in a virtually maintenance free design. The vertical stick prevents birds from affecting the output signal.

The NR Lite2 is easy to use. It is based on a thermopile sensor. The voltage is proportional to the net radiation. It can be directly connected to voltmeter or data logger with an mV input. It has the same high quality yellow cable fitted as our other instruments.

The NR Lite2 is suitable for outdoor use conditions and fully complies with CE regulations. Back to productcategory


Spectral range (overall) 0.2 to 100 µm = 200 to 100.000 nm
Sensitivity 10 µV/W/m²
Response time < 20 s
Operational temperature range -30 °C to +70 °C


  • Does the CNR 2 use the same sensor as the NR Lite(2) without wind-breaking domes? Or does it have separate thermopiles for short and long wave radiation?
    • Both instruments use thermopiles, but the dome over the thermopile determines what kind of radiation passes through and reaches the thermopile. A  thermopile  is normally protected by a single or double dome to reduce offsets caused by sudden temperature changes like wind.

      The CNR 2 uses two glass domes to cover the pyranometer and two silicon domes to cover the pyrgeometers. It uses TWO thermopile detectors (1 for each of the two pyranometers and 1 for each of the two pyrgeometers) and provides two separate outputs. One NETTO for short wave (solar spectrum) and one NETTO for long wave radiation.(Far Infrared spectrum).

      So yes, the CNR 2 has separate thermopiles to measure Far Infrared and Solar radiation and so do the other CNR net radiometers.

      The detector from the NR Lite(2) is not protected and I sin direct contact with the weather conditions. Therefore it cools down a lot faster by the wind, which effects the accuracy of the measurements. The NR Lite(2) uses NO dome. It uses only TWO detectors with a PTFE coating and provides ONE single output for NETTO short wave- and long wave radiation.  It uses one thermopile to measure the full spectrum of Far Infrared and solar radiation.

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  • How come the NR Lite(2) specs refer to a continuous range between 200 and 100,000 nm, while the CNR 2 specs refer separately for the short and long wave radiation ranges?
    • The difference between the NR Lite(2) and CNR 2 lies in the material used to cover the thermopiles.

      CNR 2 uses glass domes for the pyranometers (that measure short wave radiation) that have a bandwidth of 300 nm to 2800 nm. It uses silicon domes for the pyrgeometers (that measure long wave radiation) that have a bandwidth of 4500 nm to 42000 nm. This leaves a gap between 2800 nm and 4500 nm. This is the so called atmospheric window where very little radiation comes in (see picture below).


      The NR Lite(2) uses NO domes. It uses two detectors with a PTFE coating which have a bandwidth of 200 nm to 100.000 nm.

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  • For the NR Lite, we want to use wind correction, but we don't understand the manual
    • The correction factor in the manual could indeed be written more carefully. It says dividing by (1+x.V3/4) this refers to the calibration factor. Better is to say the output should be multiplied with a factor (1+x.V3/4).

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  • What color code is used when there is an extended cable on the NR LITE?
    • Sometimes it happens that the colors of the cables are different when you order extended cables. Usually there is added a page in the manual where this is mentioned.

      Standard = extended
      White = white
      Green = blue
      Black = black

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