Scientific Solar Monitoring System

  • Turnkey systems plus installation possible
  • Different configurations up to BSRN quality
  • Optimized for CSP, PV or Meteorology
  • Complies with ISO 9060 specifications
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Scientific Solar Monitoring System

Kipp & Zonen Scientific Solar Monitoring Station for high accuracy measurements of direct, diffuse and global irradiance according BSRN guidelines.

The heart of the system is a high precision fully automatic sun tracker with mountings for a range of Kipp & Zonen instruments.

Shown are CHP 1 pyrheliometer for direct radiation and CMP 21 or CMP 22 pyranometers for diffuse and global radiation together with CGR 4 pyrgeometer for far infrared measurements.

Both the 2AP and the SOLYS 2 trackers fulfill the accuracy requirements of the BSRN guidelines.


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