Optical & Microwave Scintillometer System

    • Sensible and Latent Heat Fluxes
    • Can measure over water
    • All-in-one weather station
    • LAS connects to MWSC-160
    • MWSC logs measurement data
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Optical & Microwave Scintillometer System

The Kipp & Zonen LAS MkII or X-LAS MkII near-infrared optical scintillometers can be easily combined with the RPG MWSC-160 microwave scintillometer to provide direct measurements of both sensible heat flux and latent heat flux (evapotranspiration) averaged over a large area, including over predominantly open water. The MWSC-160 transmitter projects a beam of 160.8 GHz radiation over path lengths from 500 m to 10 km to a receiver with an aperture of 300 mm, which matches well with the X-LAS MkII over the longer path lengths.

The LAS MkII transmitter and receiver can each be mounted on a RPG double base plate with the MWSC transmitter and receiver. The X-LAS MkII is too large to fit on the RPG double base plate, so it requires a separate tripod or support to locate it alongside the MWSC. The system operates from 12 VDC.

The LAS/X-LAS transmitter takes power from the MWSC transmitter. The LAS/X-LAS receiver takes power from the MWSC receiver and provides the analog optical signal to it. An all-in-one weather station is mounted on the MWSC receiver to provide the real-time environmental information required for latent heat flux calculations, and there is a GPS receiver for time and location. The MWSC receiver software synchronously digitizes the optical and microwave signals. The receiver can calculate the structure parameters ๐ถ๐‘›² and the sensible and latent heat fluxes ๐ป, ๐ฟ๐‘‰๐ธ and log the measurement data.

The MWSC receiver can be connected by Ethernet to a PC running the RPG software to configure the system and to download data files or to acquire data in real time. This software has comprehensive data processing, visualization and archiving functions.

Please contact RPG-Radiometer Physics GmbH www.radiometer-physics.de for more information on this system.

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